Thursday, July 12, 2018

Celebrate the Classic Beach Party with a Thematic Twist

The undying romance of the earth and water birthed the fruit of their passion – the beaches. These are the places where nature’s most revealing secrets are witnessed in the bare golden sand, where the sea breeze pets those cheeks and the sun kisses the skin tan. From Navagio to Anse Source d’Argent and from Maho to Ora, tourists and travelers love to explore the beauty of nature, but here in Long Island, something magical happens.

Apart from being the best destination for world-class wineries, top-notch restaurants, and exotic white sand beaches, the Long Island is also the best partying spot. No New Yorker in America is unaware of the thematic celebrations that have gained Long Island the recognition it is known for today. Glamorous Event Planners are the trend-setters when it comes to arranging any theme party in Long Island. They specialize in catering the perfect rendezvous for your events with a vision to surpass your expectations. So let’s get on by discussing the types of themes you can celebrate at the Long Island – your favorite escapade.

Top 3 Party Themes to Swear By

1.       Graduation Success

Who doesn’t like to celebrate good grades with some champagne and good food? Here’s an idea even better. You can fete with a graduation-themed décor, food, entertainment, and a lot more. And once you’re celebrating it on the Long Island, you can have a beach-themed graduation party right at the beach. Nifty, isn’t it?

2.       Hollywood Fiesta

Did you know that you can live that Hollywood style on the beach? Regardless of the occasion, you can always have your parties fashioned the Hollywood way. Glamorous Event Planner can cater you the best parties on Long Island beaches. Name your film, for instance, Sex and the City or any other you adore, and become the superstar of your own party!

3.       Classy Casino

Do you want to show off your classy luxurious side and be the winner for the night? It’s time to dress fancy and let your hair down in the evening. Yes, we’re talking about the casino theme party in Long Island. To make your experience more real, Glamorous Event Planners know how to bring Vegas at your feet and roll the dice.


There are numerous ideas to choose from when it comes to deciding your party theme – especially when it’s at the beach. Glamorous Event Planners set the stage for you and transform the venue into something beyond your wildest dreams. Experience the true magic. Experience happiness. 

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